Friday 7/6/2012 Daily Devotional

Ecclesiastes 3:9-22. What is the God given task for Christians? God has designed us to glory in Him.  We glory in many things of the world (sports, hobbies, etc…). We are actually really good glorifiers! The question that I want you to ask yourself is what do you most glorify yourself in? We, and those things created, are nothing more than dust to dust according to this passage.  Adam was formed from dust and we return to dust when we die, so why do we marvel in our own thoughts and works? We should be enthralled by God’s great work and glorify him.

Joshua 4. After crossing over the Jordan, God commands Joshua to build an altar celebrating what God did.  I see two specific applications for us from this passage.  First of all, we should take the purpose clause from verse 22 and apply it to us.  We should remember what God did on that day forever, and that he will ever be watching out for us.  Secondly we should be documenting things that happen in our own lives as individuals and a church that turn us back to glorifying God.  There are times when we need strong encouragement and cannot find it. Take time to pray a prayer of thankfulness today for God’s provision for his plan and for what he has been doing in your own life as well.

Zephaniah 3:9-20. There is a great promise coming from this passage.  We are being delivered through God’s plan! The odd thing is that, yes we have been delivered already through Christ’s sacrifice for us, but we are also going to see a physical deliverance when God wipes clean the face of the earth physically. Take verses 14-20 and pray these back to God in thankfulness for what he has already done and in expectation of what is to come.

Matthew 15. Jesus is carrying one theme through three different situations in the passage presented from the New Testament today.  First of all Jesus is telling the people of the change that has taken place.  It used to be that what went into a person made them unclean, whether it was blood, food, or work, the people were held to a standard of physical cleanliness.  But now that Christ has come that has changed.  It is now what comes out in one’s words and actions that shows the holiness that is in them already.  Jesus shows the Pharisees that they are wrong in what defiles a person by allowing sexual indulgences through divorce but condemning someone for not washing one’s hands before eating.  The Law is backwards to what Christ is trying to bring about.  This is shown no clearer that the Canaanite woman being healed in the next part of the text. She, as one who was once an enemy, has now been cleaned and washed pure because of her great faith.  Life as they know it has changed.  Lastly we see this in the large feeding at the end of the passage.  Jesus them after making provision for one, makes provision for many, as was his purpose. He has come to make a way for many and so that many may eat the bread of life with unclean physical hands.  Thank God today for his provision, and ask him to reveal areas where we can put away clean hands and promote clean hearts.

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