Thursday 6/28/2012 Daily Devotional

Ecc. 1:1-3. Vanity was the great issue of God’s people during the late reign of King Solomon.  He was a man that brought much wealth and prosperity to kingdom after many years of lean provisions.  This is much like our time as well.  We are a country that has been blessed with more food and money than any of us can hope to spend in a lifetime compared to the rest of the world. All of this, though, is vanity before the glory of the King of kings.  Today pray for God to show you the vanity of your own heart.

Deuteronomy 30:11-20. After yesterday’s close examination of repentance and forgiveness in the Lord, we come to a  great impasse. We must now make the decision to repent without making excuse. The word of what is required is near to us and God has called us to make a decision.  There is an ‘if then’ phrase in verses 16 and 17. What should you take away from both of these phrases.  Also there is a command after the word ‘therefore’ found in verse 19.  In few of the therefore, what call does this passage have on your life?

Micah 7:1-13. I know that life can be crazy and that we can lose all hope in people.  This can take place amongst our friends, our work, our government or many other outlets.  The only place that we are not let down is in God and his promises.  Read verse 7 and pray that as your promise to the Lord today.

Matthew 7:13-29. As we come to the end of the sermon on the mount by Jesus we see a beautiful picture of summation. In the previous section, Jesus tells them not to judge others, but here he seems to be contradicting himself because he tells them to recognize those wolves in sheep’s clothing by their deeds.  I do not know about you but that sounds like judging to me! It is not however.  There is a large difference between judging someone of their sin and keeping those who are teaching false doctrine and stirring up trouble at bay.  There is a fine difference between the two to the outside world but to us it should be clear. Also the next portion of the texts discusses a very similar issue.  There are many who will say to God that they did much and even claimed it in his name. The truth is that people build houses of good works regularly.  Their timber is their good deeds, and their nails are the self satisfaction of giving money to the poor.  All these things built upon sand crumble and fall but the one whose foundation is in Christ is the one who will not fall.  The same work with different hearts between them will be responded to differently.  The same should be true in the way we judge versus the way that we recognize those who are self serving and outing them.  Pray that God would take the plank out our eyes so that we can tell the difference between the two.

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