Thursday 7/5/2012 Daily Devotional

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. What time and season are you currently in after having read this passage?

Joshua 3. When reading this passage we see a couple of different purposes from the Lord.  First, he is moving the promised people into the promised land.  God had promised Joshua that he would deliver the people from the wilderness that Moses had been left in and that he would give them great victory over many foes.  The only problem with this was that the Jordan river was flooding the banks for all to see. What river is flooding your life and keeping you from crossing the Jordan? This is the same Jordan river that the Savior was baptized in hundreds of years later.  God showed his good pleasure in saving the world and showing he would do so twice using the same element. How great is our God? A second point is that God had to show the people of Israel that Joshua was his man for the job.  Maybe you are not the one who needs to see a great faith movement of God happen but someone around you. Never assume that the reason God is requiring something of you is for your purpose and good pleasure only.

Zephaniah 3:1-8. Think about how God moves in your life today.  Sometimes he does so quickly and sometimes it is more slowly. Both of these are God’s movement and in his will. As we see here, God’s timing is not always immediate but always perfect.  He waited until the right time to send his son and he is waiting on the right time now to return again. Pray that we will have patience for the Justice of the Lord to come and thank him for his righteousness on us.

Matthew 14. For us, we are seeing a great time of God feeding our ’5000.’ While this is a great blessing, we cannot be so consumed with ourselves that we forget to reach out to others.  Jesus had just come under great sorrow, like many of us recently, with the loss of his beloved friend.  Some of you have lost loved ones recently and found great sorrow. Jesus did not let this keep him from serving and loving people however, because he knew that through loving others we are healed.  Pray that God would give you the opportunity to love on someone today and through doing that i can promise he will fill your cup.

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