Tuesday 7/3/2012 Daily Devotional

Ecc. 2:18-23. While much of what we have seen in Ecclesiastes to this point has encouraged us to not work in vain, this passage says that we can work in the right ways and still be doing so in vain. How could this happen you may ask? Well it happens if we do not take the time to rest as the Bible requires us to. Resting is a biblical act of worship at times.  Notice that Solomon does not scold after a brief time of work but after too much toil without sharing it has taken place.  Ask your self today if you have stored up for treasures on earth or have you put your treasures in heaven through a relationship with others.

Joshua 1. My friends, God has called us to be strong and courageous.  I almost do not want to write on this text for I feel that I can not do it justice but I will try.  God has given us the promise of holiness in eternity through his son.  This calling was greater than anything Joshua was given.  God called him to live by the book of the law and lead his people.  At the time the Jordan was impossible to pass because there was no bridge to get across. It would have been like trying to cross the Mississippi river with no bridge.  God was making a way for them, however, and when God makes a way you can believe it to be faithful.  Pray this passage back to God, that he might make you strong and courageous.  I know that we are all fighting some great evil, or some sinful temptation, but I tell you now that God has victory over that sin through Jesus on the cross.

Zephaniah 1-2:3. In reading this passage, my heart cannot help but be saddened by how much my life looks like this sometimes.  I am more consumed with myself and my idols than the Lord. I would encourage you to do two things upon reading this passage.  First of all take the first half and pray that you might be forgiven of the injustices that we commit against the Lord and pray for the repentance of others afterword.  Secondly take the last few verses and pray them over your own life.  For we have been hidden from his wrath and his anger because of what Christ did on our behalf.

Matthew 12. As Jesus speaks to those with authority, so he also speaks to our hearts.  If we are tied to the Law of the Old Testament rather than the life of the New Testament, then we will always be blind to the truth of the Gospel.  Jesus made those who he was speaking to angry with his words of truth.  Now you and I do not speak with the same authority if flawless nature as Christ but we do speak with authority as the sons of God. We have responsibility to speak truth and recognize bad fruit.  Maybe you have bad fruit from your own tree? Today pray that God would show that fruit to you so that you can repent and purge of it. Also lastly pray that God would give you eyes toward other to see them as just as important as your worldly family.

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